Some Tips For Building A Child’s Self Esteem
Parents are very powerful figures in the life of any child. First of all, they are responsible for
conceiving the child and for bringing that child into this world so everything that comes after
there will still be held somewhat responsible. The mother best of all has a special emotional
connection with her children while fathers are mostly the ones who deal with practical things in
raising children.
A perfect relationship between parents and children will be when the parents are role models of
providing love and support within the family while the children are obedient but to a certain
degree also independent in living their lives. In this world however there is no such thing as
perfect but this should not stop us from trying to build an ideal relationship.
Child’s Self Esteem  

Some Tips For Building A Child’s Self Esteem (You have to read great article)


How to Be Popular if You Have No Self Esteem

Trying to be the life of the party but still don't have enough confidence to do it? Your low self esteem is playing tricks on you? Let's review these tips for a big confidence boost....Read more
Trying to be the life of the party but still don't have enough confidence to do it? Your low self esteem is playing tricks on you? Let's review these tips for a big confidence boost.


  1. Get some self esteem. Look closely at the life of the party. Do they always wear expensive and elegant attire, are they 6 ft tall, insanely thin and gorgeous? Most probably not. Even if they are, these are NOT the reasons for being very popular. Write a list of only good things about yourself. Write a list of things that need improvement, for example : grades, quality of your health, confidence. Work out a plan to eat healthier/ study harder/be more confident. Fake it till you make it. Also believe that every single negative thing can be turned into a positive. If you aren't thin, say you have womanly curves. If you aren't tall believe that you are a petite cutie pie. If you are tall and under confident, feel that you are a sexy glamazon. Small lips, big lips... It doesn't matter and both are beautiful.
  2. Practice walking and sitting with your back straight; having a good posture can make wonders on your self esteem.
  3. Make proper eye contact with people you talk with as much as possible. It takes practice, especially if you have low self esteem. Start with 5 seconds, and work your way up. To break up the eye contact look at another feature on their face (never below the chin, and never over their shoulder), then come back to their eyes.
  4. Dress like a winner, your clothes and appearance can make a big difference between being perceived as a great person or a lame person. Get a personal shopper (they are free) at a major department store to help you out whether it is one item or an entire wardrobe. You would be amazed at what they would perceive to look good on you versus what you would wear.
  5. Learn new social skills like: learning how to have a great conversation or how to be a good listener. Start by learning how to listen. The most popular people are the ones perceived as good listeners first!
  6. Learn skills that entertain people like card tricks, magic or palmistry; some of these skills are easy to learn and can give you a great self esteem boost.
  7. The best skill to learn is a sense of (healthy) humor, the ability to laugh at oneself (within reason). Popular people are the ones with the best sense of humor.
  8. Surround yourself with great people with good self esteem, who support you and help you with your self esteem issues.
  9. Read books and learn about how to improve your self esteem.
  10. Identify the top two things that you tend to identify as pulling down your self esteem, and work on improving them in order to mitigate the source of your lack of self esteem. For example, if your biggest self esteem issue stems from your being overweight, then work on that issue first. Keep crossing out your top two self esteem busters as you work on them, till your list is all clear!
  11. Work your newfound charm and self esteem on one person, then another, then another, then a couple at a time, and in no time on a crowd! You have been just crowned 'Popular'!


  • Good self esteem will help you throughout your life so build it as quickly as you can.
  • Two great self esteem booster books are The Magic of Thinking Big and Think and Grow Rich
  • Being popular is easier when you have a good self esteem so improve it to be perceived as a great person.
  • The only way to improve your self esteem is by doing; start with small, positive changes that you are comfortable with, and centralize the improvements in yourself and in your life.
  • Remember humility. It's not about thinking less of yourself, it's about thinking of yourself less and remembering to think of others. Think highly of yourself, but don't act as if you think yourself better than others, even if you do. Be respectful of everyone's differences.


  • By default, avoid people who tend to put you down, who do not put you at ease, who make you painfully aware that your self esteem is low. If this includes family, so be it. We have but one life, and are entitled to the pursuit of our own happiness!
  • Avoid other people whose self esteem is equally low!

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